“Fast Forward” is the name of a small but (hopefully) inspiring
two-day event in Nijmegen’s Doornroosje which will offer lots of music from home-recording
artists (see below for what that’s supposed to mean), but not only
that: There will also be poetry, animation, comics and paintings.

on April 22 1994 (Friday):
Tall Dwarfs (NZ); Mecca Normal (Can); Smog (USA); Eugene Chadbourne
(USA); Joost Visser (NL); Judy Dunaway & The Evan Gallagher Little
Band (USA); Billy Childish (UK, poetry); Sexton Ming (UK, poetry).

and on April 23  1994:
Barbara Manning & SF Seals (USA); Billy Childish (UK); Sexton Ming
(UK); Tuli Kupferberg (USA); Peter Jefferies (NZ); Alastair Galbraith
(NZ); Dump (USA); Plover (NL).Sebadoh (USA)

Camera’s Bart de Keulenaar, Wilmer Hendriks, Remko Dekker. Interviews by Ge Huismans

Directing/Editing Remko Dekker.